5.12 Looking After the Environment

It is important to recycle as much of your waste as you can. Using recycled materials to make new products uses less energy and means that we do not need to extract more raw materials from the earth. It also means that less rubbish is created, so the amount being put into landfill is reduced.

You can learn more about recycling and its benefits at www.recyclenow.com. At this website you can also find out what you can recycle at home and in the local area if you live in England. This information is available for Wales at www.wasteawarenesswales.org.uk, for Scotland at www.recycleforscotland.com and for Northern Ireland from your local authority.

A good way to support your local community is to shop for products locally where you can. This will help businesses and farmers in your area and in Britain. It will also reduce your carbon footprint, because the products you buy will not have had to travel as far.

Walking and using public transport to get around when you can is also a good way to protect the environment. It means that you create less pollution than when you use a car.

Check that you understand

  • The different ways you can help at your child’s school
  • The role of school governors and members of school boards, and how you can become one
  • The role of members of political parties
  • The different local services people can volunteer to support
  • How to donate blood and organs
  • The benefits of volunteering for you, other people and the community
  • The types of activities that volunteers can do
  • How you can look after the environment

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